Tuesday, June 30, 2015


       Ronaldo to play with the U21 at the 2016 Olympics

Cristiano Ronaldo could play with Portugal's U21 team at the Olympics in 2016 made Brazil. According to the president of the Portuguese Football Federation said.

Portugal's youth scene already booked and the Olympics in 2016 after coming sessions 4 team award last European Championship U-21. For the occasion, the Portuguese Football Federation announced that they would be summoned striker Ronaldo to play with this young scene Because in the medal in a team can have more than 23 3-year-old.

Fernando Gomes, president of the Portuguese Football Federation (Portugal Football Association), said: "It's possible. We could have 3 players over the age of 23 years at the Olympics. Ronaldo is one of the 3 people that we are considering, but we also do not think it's too much. "

Football disciplines in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, 16 countries will be captured the gold medal match, while 4 in Europe has already found, Denmark, Portugal, Germany and Sweden.

A separate 30-year-old striker is currently tasked with the national team is the game to save the group In the Euro 2016 tournament, so that means he will have a lot of work in 2016 if nothing changes that .

Crown Stadium impressive standard

Crown stadium is already built and ready for the top football league season of 2015. This stadium has many rooms and buildings for the development of football as the pitch for the match official, who planted natural grass million for training for youth accommodation for large group accommodation Dressing room for the home side rooms for group costumes Guest rooms tsunami hall meeting room, exercise room (Gym) rooms, VIP rooms rooms for organizing the conference room and treatment room and vehicles.

Coach Sam Schweingruber Crown indicated that compared with the stadium in the region Crown stadium and propertiessimilar standards, such as Thailand and Laos, but also better than some countries in the ASEAN region.
RSN Stadium near Camko City, Kae district of Phnom Penh's Russey Keo district.


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